Best Practice for Prepping Your Garden Plot

It’s time to start your garden. You have assembled an array of organic items in preparation: compost, mulch, pest controllers such as insecticidal soap or spinozad. All the right stuff. First step: rototill the whole plot to prepare for planting. Many gardeners think this is essential. But responsible practice says: Don’t ever rototill. It’s a destructive, compacting procedure that destroys the essential structure of soil and kills the vast array of living organisms that created this structure. Plants must have these elements for healthy growth. Rather, leave the soil mostly untouched, add compost and mulch – green is best during the growing season –on top, then use a dibble or trowel to make separate holes for seeds. Plant roots need tiny pathways in the soil for air and water. They benefit from the activity of earthworms and other organisms. Best practice: add your seeds into this beneficial environment with as little disturbance as possible. – Carol Hassell