Crop rotation at Harvest Farm Community Garden

Rotating crops in your community garden plot is using a beneficial strategy on a very small scale. It’s a practice that helps minimize plant damage by planting in a “new” space each season on a three-year schedule. So, if you planted potatoes in the northwest corner of your garden this year, plan on putting them into the southeast corner next season. Using a square foot gardening strategy can help you organize. But that’s for next spring planting season. In the meantime, if you plan to install cool season varieties as the cooler weather approaches, do so with next spring’s planting locations in mind, so the spaces are available when spring planting time comes around. To prepare those portions of your plot, add plenty of compost and mulch – without doing any digging or tilling that will destroy the soil structure you worked so hard to create – and let those spots benefit from the cover.

By Carol Hassell – Harvest Farm Master Gardener