Does My Garden Need to be Watered??

Does my garden need to be watered?
Frequently, gardeners ask this question. And nearly as frequently, when veggie plants appear to be in decline or fail, the root cause is water – too much or too little. So how’s a gardener to know? Actually, it’s pretty simple: test the soil in the garden or the pots near the plants. Don’t depend upon the weather and the rain produced naturally to supply sufficient water for plants to grow. Once your seeds are sown or seedlings are installed, you should check the moisture in the soil daily, or nearly so. Stick a finger into the soil near plants up to the first joint. If the soil feels very moist or damp, the plants have sufficient moisture for a while. Next day, if the soil tested in this fashion feels barely damp or dry, it’s time to water. And just touching the surface isn’t sufficient since it doesn’t give an indication of how much moisture is below. By checking on this timely schedule and watering accordingly, you will maintain a consistent amount of moisture in the soil.

By: Carol Hassell